Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Visit to Boulder Colorado

I went to Boulder Colorado with my sister to visit her first grandchild, Isaac. 
I did get a lot of knitting done, but no photos yet. 
I visited a couple of yarn shops, one very large shop that even had a separate location for their classes.   I decided to read over their newsletter the day we were leaving because I had a few extra minutes to kill and I realized I had missed a class taught by Ann Budd while I was visiting.  Why didn't I look over the class list when I first got the information?

The other yarn shop was very small and only carried their own hand dyed yarn, how cool is that? Their shop name and yarn line is called Gypsy Wools.  Of course I had to buy some of their yarn.
There are only 4 projects on Ravelry out of their yarn so far.

I did get plenty of photos of the baby,  but I will just post one.  Baby Isaac with great aunt Sarah.

We did make time to vist the Celestial Seasonings factory.
Who knew you could make a dress out of tea boxes?

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