Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Has Spring Sprung?

Just a recap of the last few days. 

This was an irresistable sunset taken on 2/17/12.  Very different from the last sunset I have on the blog.  That's why after almost 20 years living on the water I still run for my camera when the sun is setting.

This morning I caught this primrose peaking up
through the mulch.  I expect others will follow with the mild winter we have had. 

Now for some knitting........

I reformatted the pattern and had to make another one just to make sure it worked and I made it this time in colors I like. 
Since I used 100% wool I made the hem in an acrylic yarn so it would not be itchy. 
Love it!  Sorry to brag, but I guess that's what blogs are for.  I love the fact that it is so wearable and changing colors on the stripes came out so well (detailed instructions on the jogless stripe included in the pattern).   I am finally very happy with this pattern and it is now available on Ravelry and Etsy.

My Bow Tie Shawl (that's what I am calling for now, unless I come up with anything better, any ideas?)  is in the process of being written and I have 3 test knitters working on it.  It's easy and fun to knit.  I hope to have it available soon.

I will be away visiting my grand nephew (my nephew's son, is he a grand nephew?) in Colorado.  I'm sure I'll have at least one photo I won't be able to resist sharing.

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