Monday, June 11, 2012

I love NYC!

Yesterday I went to NYC for a class at the Lion Brand Studio.  I didn't really feel like going, I just wanted to stay home and knit and watch the tennis finals on TV.  But once I got off the bus and a wave of NYC smells and sounds and heat practically knocked me over, I knew I was where I wanted to be.  This is an account of my walk through the city.
Times Square always amazes me, it was a little overcast, but the city is always a little grey anyway.
I slipped into a shop I had never heard of, Nygard Fashion and I found a clever little Cocoon Cardigan that I bought (on sale) for future inspiration. 
Walking down Broadway I can never resist checking out Beads World, not the best prices, but always open.  I haven't used the beads I bought from my last trip, but yes, I bought more.
But I discovered one of my favorite shops for findings was open on Sunday and I didn't have my list.
When I happened upon a Uni Glo store I decided I had to check it out, never having been to one.  I can't say that now, great prices and I won't say how much I bought. 
I was hoping to find a street fair or street market.  I saw crowds of people and then I heard music as I got closer to Madison Square Park, country western music.  It was the 10th Annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party.  I decided I didn't need to stand in a long line for barbecue so I kept walking. 
I saw a balloon archway signaling another street fair.  This time it was sponsored by a photography store.  I was starting to get hungry but the hot dogs and cotton candy did not tempt me.  I did stop to take a picture of the llama at the petting zoo (I'm in NYC, right?). 
I know I am in NYC when I see the Flatiron Building, it always gets my attention.
I was intrigued by the art installation on the first floor of the building.  It was entitled, Shattered Debris, Sheer Transformation.  "Hu Bing magically transforms remnants of broken bottles and smashed windshields...into something resembling frozen ice, a tour de force of beauty wrested from junk."
I stopped for a NYC gourmet treat.  A falafal sandwich.  I felt like a real New Yorker, eating my sandwich as I walked down the sidewalk. 
About 30 blocks from the bus station I finally get to the Lion Brand Studio.  They always have a stunning window display. 
My class with Lily Chin was Computer Aided Design.  I had a great time.
 I walked back to the bus station with all of my packages (and a laptop) and just made it in time for the bus, not a minute to spare.  The tennis match was not completed because of a rain delay, so I am glad that I didn't stay home.
What is your favorite thing to do in NYC?