Sunday, February 12, 2012

You Can Always Learn Something New

I took a class from Shirley Paden today at the Wooly Monmouth in Red Bank.  I heard her speak at a Navesink Knitting Guild meeting last year and was very impressed so I was excited for the opportunity to take a class from her. 
The class was about stranded 2 color knitting and even though I have done it before (my new hat pattern waiting for test knitters to finish before I publish has stranded 2 color knitting) I know there is always more to learn and little tricks you can pick up when you take a class.  I particularly wanted to learn about tacking down floats.  I did not want to learn how to purl doing stranded knitting, since knitting in the round makes so much sense.  I learned it anyway and am glad I did.  Shirley was well prepared and professional. I learned a lot and came home with some great reference materials. 
I highly recommend taking a class from Shirley Paden if you get the chance.  I also recommend her book if you are at all interested in designing patterns or just want a beautiful book to look at and dream.  Her book is Knitwear Design Workshop and can be found here.  She was a real sport and let me take her picture with me and my project.

What I worked on during class.

Of course, I came home to my Island Heights sunset. 

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