Monday, April 8, 2013

INC 8 EOR, Red, Ribbon, Alpaca

This is what I wanted to name my "art" pieces. My sister convinced me to go with, In The Round, Red; In The Round, Ribbon, and In The Round' Alpaca.  I know no one would understand the title I wanted to use but that was OK with me, I even thought it was a little cool, but logic won out.

The opening of the Ocean County Artists' Guild Fiber Art Invitational was yesterday and I have to say there was a lot of energy all afternoon. Having nine different artists each with their own interpretation of fiber art gave the show a very diverse feel.

In my last post I gave a little background about the pieces and their progress. In this post I give you the finished product.

I went with my pieces and an open mind to the Guild the Wednesday before the show. The curator of the show wisely had the idea to hang the pieces separately. I was thinking I might use dowels to hang them, but I didn't have any with me. Friends ran home to gather up dowels and we played. Each one seemed to fall into place differently.

The red one hung by itself on the wall, with the top quarters draping down and creating a tent like look.
The alpaca one was above a small table and reminded us of a spider web when it was spread out like a full circle. On the table I had a slide show running of the vests being modeled.
The ribbon one hung high above the antique fireplace and mantle showing the full drape of the ribbon yarn and making quite an impact when people entered the room. On the mantle I placed 8 by 10 photos of each one being worn as vests.

I would show the alpaca and ribbon vests displayed at the show in addition to the red one, but I am having technical difficulties and cannot figure out how to keep the photos from coming out sideways! (My son and husband have weighed in on this problem and we're still working on it. Basically I have a love/hate relationship with my computer.) I am definitely a better knitter than I am a techie.

The curator of the show, Francine, in front of a collaborative piece between two artists.

The Guild was busy all afternoon.
I didn't have permission to publish anyone else's work, so you will have to go to the Show to see the rest, check out the Guild's website for more details.

Here are the three vests being worn, wearable art.

Have you knitted anything that you would consider a piece of art?

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