Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ravelry Love

If you do not know what Ravelry is, stop right now, do not pass go, do not collect $200, go check it out here. Of course, if you are not a knitter, don't bother.
Some people say it is like Facebook for knitters, but it is so much better. Most people use Ravelry as a reference, to find patterns they might like to make, check out yarns, chat with others in the forums or to organize their own projects and library.
I use Ravelry primarily to sell patterns, lucky for me most people use Ravelry to buy patterns. I noticed that as I was approaching the 1 year anniversary of my Adirondack pattern on Ravelry, I have almost 500 sales! I'm hoping to make that by April 20.
My shawl page above has the pattern for sale and it will take you to my Ravelry store, just in case you are interested.
Original Adirondack made with Madelinetosh Vintage.

Adirondack adpated to sock weight yarn.

Speaking of blogs, that is the other thing I use Ravelry for. I know a lot of people find blogs cumbersome to follow, either using an RSS feed or adding it to your email which is sometimes an option, but who wants more email?
I simply friend anyone who has a blog I would like to follow, yes you can have friends on Ravelry, but you can friend anyone you like and they cannot ignore you or take their time trying to decide whether to accept your request or not or unfriend you. (Not that I have any experience of that on Facebook or would ever do that to anyone.)
After you set up your personal page and friend all of the people whose blogs you want to follow, like The Yarn Harlot, Sarahmontie or Franklin Habit (yes, they do not have the option to not accept you as a friend), you can simply click on your friends list and you will have some choices. You can just admire your list of friends, or you can check out the activity of your friends, like their posing of their projects, or you can see the list of friends' blogs. They are all in one place for you, of course this only works if they are on Ravelry; it may not work for Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, unless they are knitters.


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  1. I love Ravelry. LOVE. I never thought of it as a way to follow someone's blog, though... great idea!

    The shawl is still gorgeous. A well-deserved 500 in sales... I'm saying that optimistically, and I hope you hit that by the anniversary!