Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fiber Art Invitational

I was invited to exhibit in the Fiber Art Invitational at the Ocean County Artists' Guild
When does knitting make the crossover from craft to art?
I decided to do an adaptation of my Circle Swing Coat pattern which I consider a concept pattern and lends itself to more creativity than your typical knitting pattern.  By concept pattern I mean that you follow more of a recipe or formula rather than strict very specific instructions. For instance if I had to break it down to a formula it would be
Inc 8 EOR.


My plan was to make 3 pieces, each with the same formula but with a different theme.  The first one was the color red.  I chose all different fibers and textures as long as the yarn had some red in it I could use it.

 The finished piece is a vest and the slits in the circle are the armholes.

The next piece was all ribbon yarn, color was not an issue.  As you can see a very different effect.

The third one was made out of natural colored alpaca yarns. 

I took one simple concept and treated it 3 different ways. Of course you can see the colors are very different, but the feel and drape are very different too.

I hope you will come to the show if you are local, I would love to see you at the opening reception.  10 different fiber artists will be featured all with very different interpretations. The exhibit starts on Sunday, April 7 with a reception from 1-4, free admission and light refreshments.  It will run until April 30.  The Ocean County Artists' Guild is located at 22 Chestnut St. (corner of Chestnut and Ocean) in Island Heights, a beautiful historic home. 

Don't you want to see how they all get displayed and fit into the exhibit as a whole?  So do I. 

PS I only had to buy one skein of yarn, these pieces were all worked from my stash. 

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