Saturday, March 16, 2013


I have finally published a pattern that I was working on last summer and blogged about on August 16 and September 1.  Sometimes a pattern will languish for one reason or another.  I wasn't thrilled about publishing it in the fall when it really seemed more like a spring/summer project.  I came across it again recently trying to follow through on some things that had been put aside. 

Back in September I was trying to decide on what photos to use and a name for the pattern.  I usually start with a working name for a pattern, most often I use the name of the yarn and what I am making. This was called Grass Cardigan, the yarn is Plymouth Yarn Grass.  Sometimes I will go for a name that has very little to do with the design (Brianna, Isabel, Adirondack) but this time I decided to simply name it

Drop Stitch Cardigan. 
A seamless short sleeve cardigan knit from the top
down. The round yoke has eyelets marking the
increases. The attached front bands are knit in
ribbing. Flattering A-line shaping is accented with
a dropped stitch pattern.

You can buy the pattern by clicking here.
I checked on Ravelry today and it is the top 20th pattern that Ravelers are viewing.  Keep checking it out on Ravelry and keep it up there.
This morning I participated in a local clean up.  Brown's Woods, named for the previous owner of the property, is just about two miles from my house but I hadn't been there since I catered some luncheons for Mrs. Brown sometime in the 80's.  In my former life I had a catering business.  Seeing a recruitment of volunteers to clean up the Woods on facebook, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to explore the property.  I found out that the house is being used as an office for the  Barnegat Bay Partnership, a local environmental organization.  The clean-up was organized by an energetic young girl who works for AmeriCorps, similar to the Peace Corps only in the US.  I will definitely come back with my daughter when she visits with her dog.
A lot of erosion by the river after Sandy.

Mushrooms anyone?

Look closely and you can see a plastic chair in the tree, compliments of Sandy.

Nice to know this is so close to home.
This sunset looks like a real fireball.

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