Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We are told that the worst of  hurricane Sandy has passed us at this point.  Power is out all over the area.  (Oh darn, I'm missing a dentist appointment.)

We were lucky, we just have one large branch down and a piece of our fencing is broken.

Our neighbors to the west have docks underwater and probably damaged. 

Our neighbor to the east is a boatyard at sea level.  I don't even see evidence of the public dock that is next to the boatyard.
The house and offices at the boatyard under water. 
Is the dock still there underwater or is it gone?
Our pumpkins survived.
I wonder if we will still have Trick or Treaters?  My son has been eating the treats I bought (Ok, I had some too, but who can resist Tastycake Tandy Cakes?)

My mother in law celebrated her 93rd birthday at our house last night.  She is waiting out the storm with us since we have a generator.  My sister also is staying here so we were able to have a nice spontaneous birthday dinner complete with champagne, thank you Eve.  I just happened to have a carrot cake in the freezer.  It will definitely be a birthday to remember!

I am not getting very much knitting done, but I did have a photo shoot on Sunday.  Here is a preview.  I hope to get the pattern up soon.


  1. Glad everyone is okay! JP was worried all night about everyone.

  2. We are OK. Taking good care of Grandma. She is safe and warm. It may be awhile before we get power because of all of the damgae to the power lines. The sun is shining today though and we can now get out of town and get to Wawa! (Our local convenience store.)