Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Everybody Loves the Fall

Except for me.  I am a summer girl at heart.  I have a strict policy of no mums in my garden, bah humbag.  Wrong season, but you get my drift.

However, it is a great time for knitting events. 
A great time for stash enhancement.
I already blogged about National Alpaca Farm Day, which was really the last weekend in September, not just one day.
I purchased yarn from the alpaca Burlap.

This is an account of my last week......

Sunday I participated in a Yarn Crawl in NYC.  A fun excuse to visit yarn shops (like I need an excuse!).  I was good until my friend and I got to the last shop on our list, The Yarn Company.  They had size 50 circular needles.  Will I ever use them?  I don't know.  Had I ever seen them before?  No I hadn't, therefore I must have them, just in case I will ever have a use for them and I wouldn't be able to get them.  Since I was already buying something I might as well buy some yarn.  Solemate yarn by Lorna's Laces caught my eye, and since it had something in it called Outlast that I had never heard of, I should really try it out.  (Are you seeing a pattern?)
I dropped by my local yarn shop, Wooly Monmouth, on Wednesday (45 minutes away) to pick up my Adirondack shawl I had left to encourage pattern sales.  The owner was unpacking a box of new yarn, a company she just started carrying and a company I had never heard of, Handmaiden from Canada.  One skein wouldn't add too much to my stash, and I could knit up a beautiful skein of merino/cashmere sock yarn into something quick, just one skein, couldn't I?  Doesn't this color remind you of the summer?
Did you ever hear of I Love Yarn Day?  I hadn't either, but apparently it is October 12, the same day a group of us were meeting at our local AC Moore to knit (ok, we call ourselves Knit Wits).  No yarn this time, I just bought a magazine.

I taught a knitting class at Woolbearers on Saturday, the moebius cast on.  I had a great time with a very talented group of ladies and the owner Myra had a lot going on in her shop that day and kept everyone knitting and happy.  Of course, I didn't need any more yarn, but behind me was a shelf of discounted yarns.  Who can resist a bargain?  One yarn stood out from all the rest.  It was autumn colors, very seasonal, but with a touch of the lime green and aqua blue that I so love.  Perfect for a summer girl who is forced to accept that autumn is here.  It would be perfect for a moebius cowl, wouldn't it?
Zitron Unisono
The week ended up with a knitting class at Loop in Philadelphia with Stephen West.  A young man who has revolutionized shawl design.  Since he was signing books, I had to buy the two I didn't already have.  He was very sweet and personable and we all wanted to take him home with us. 
Stephen & Sarah
I guess the fall isn't so bad. 
And next weekend is the biggest event of them all, the Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Festival, better known as just Rhinebeck.  People will come from all over the country and from across the pond to visit Rhinebeck on this weekend.  It is practically in my back yard, only about 3 or 4 hours away.  The one stop I definitely want to make is the fried pickle truck.  I might just come home with a skein or two of yarn.
But you still won't find any mums in my garden.


  1. Don't you want to come? There is a long line for the fried artichoke hearts, but I will be at the fried pickle truck. The best kept secret of Rhinebeck. Maybe I will even go twice! I don't even really like pickles that much.

  2. That's a nice photo of you and Stephen :-) I met him at Loop in London and he was just lovely. WAY taller than I expected, strangely!


  3. I commented on the same thing to him, that he was tall. Of course, I am short. And after just meeting him I feel like I can call him Stephen, no need for the surname.
    Our class was in a storeroom for the yarn shop, it was a sacrifice we were willing to make, being crowded in by shelves of yarn. lol