Saturday, October 13, 2012

National Alpaca Farm Day

National Alpaca Farm Day was celebrated on the weekend of September 29 & 30.  I visited our local Alpaca farm, Alma Park Alpacas
The owner Rose and her husband have a beautiful farm and they obviously love what they do. 

Check out the different colors.

This is a skein of DK from Burlap, one of Rose's alpaca's.

Here is Burlap's picture.

Don't you want to take him home?

They were not too interested in me.

Stop by her online shop, where she carries her own yarn in addition to other companies.  She has also written a children's book about alpacas, A Mama for Mr. Frost.  Check it out.  Rose's enthusiasm for what she is doing is so infectious, I recommend a visit to her farm if you possibly can.  If not, see if there is a farm in your area, they are popping up all over the place.  If you do visit Alma Park Alpacas, make sure you visit the farm market around the corner, on September 30th they had the best corn I had all summer!  Sorry, I forget the name of the farm market. 

Alma Park Alpacas is located at 2800 Monmouth Rd., Jobstown, NJ. Call 732-620-1052 to visit.



  1. I LOVE your alpaca photos (as you know, I am rather obsessed with alpaca myself!) What fun :-)

  2. If you ever visit the US you have a place to stay at the Jersey shore. We can visit the Atlantic Ocean,the alpacas and Laura (Apocalyptic Diner).