Friday, April 27, 2012

Follow Up

Are you all wondering, "what ever happened to the Mitered Cross square Sarah was talking about learning at Woolbearers with Kay Gardiner of Mason Dixon fame?". 
I actually loved making this square and for a fleeting moment thought I might make an afghan.  Perhaps it will become a lap robe of a few squares instead of the original idea of a pillow?  I love the idea of using a different color of Boku for each square. 
I think it will most likely remain a square to be admired and be inspired by. 

You may also be asking yourself, "what has happened to all of those beautiful sunsets and occasional sunrises?".  Well, the sun is moving around in the sky and it is not so spetacular anymore.  However, I did catch the early morning sunlight on the sailboats out my front door this morning.  I will take this view, anytime.

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