Monday, December 10, 2012

Not on my "bucket list".

I offered to my daughter as she was approaching her 30th birthday a little trip with her mom, a way of celebrating the beginning of a new decade.
I was a little surprised when she picked a death defying mule ride in the Grand Canyon.  This is something that is quite often on people's bucket list.  She is too young and I don't have one.  Anyway, I was too busy to even think about it and I blindly agreed. 
She was to make all of the plans, reservations and do all of the driving while we were there (so of course I could knit in the car).  And, I wanted to visit a yarn shop. 
I have to say she did a great job (if anyone needs a trip planner and companion, she's your girl!) 
I think my greatest concern was being cold, hence the funny looking hat I am wearing. 
It is truly a lifetime experience, and I am glad that I did it. 
I don't have any photos of the first hour or so since I had a death grip on my reins and only looked forward.  By the second day I relinquished my reins to the saddle horn and I was even turning around in my saddle to improve my photo ops.  And no, I did not knit while I was on my mule.

Our first view of the Canyon
I am in front behind the guide and my daughter is next in line of 10 riders.  Can you identify the shawl pattern I am wearing?
We had to go through a small tunnel and over a suspension bridge to get to the Phantom Ranch, our final destination for the day. 
I am looking down from my mule, Hondo, where you can see the trails we have just traveled on our way up.
Our guide, the iconic cowboy.  Notice how narrow the trail is and how steep the drop is off to the right.  And yes, the mules often like to walk on the outside edge of the trail.  
We also visited the red rocks of Sedona.
I loved this chapel, Chapel of The Holy Cross, and the story behind it.
One of the very few flowers we saw.
My yarn purchase.

We discovered a yarn shop very close to our lodgings, the Sedona Knit Wits.  I was able to find some locally dyed yarn, Mary Gavan Yarns, and decided on her sock yarn, Plateau.  The colorway, which she does not name or number, certainly reminded me of our locale.  My plans are to rework my Adirondack pattern with sock yarn.  This yarn is so obscure that it wasn't even in Ravelry yet!
Sedona Sunset
I haven't shared a local Island Heights sunset lately so I will leave you with one in Sedona. 

What is on your bucket list?

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