Saturday, September 1, 2012


In order to "sell" your pattern to someone they have to want to "buy" it.  You want to grab them with a photo, especially on the internet.  You don't have the benefit of the actual garment hanging in the store. 
Just look at the difference between the various knitting magazines and how they photograph and present their projects.  Which magazine is your favorite?  Of course there are various online magazines to choose from, Knitty and Twist Collective for example.  A lot of people check out the Ravelry patterns page and see the designs that are hot today.  I was lucky enough to have my shawl pattern, Adirondack, show up on that list.  I don't know why, was it the photo that first caught a few people's eyes? 
The intitial photograph is your first impression. 
Of course word of mouth is a big reason why we knit something, we want to knit what others are knitting, just look at the popularity of the pattern Wingspan.
I decided to ask a friend of mine who is an amateur photographer (so far) if he would like to take some photographs of my latest project.  Good practice for him and free photos for me!  A win win situation.  Next comes the selection process.  Which photo would you choose to be the cover photo, the one that would be the first impression on Ravelry, Etsy or Craftsy? 
Thanks to my friend Frank Parisi for taking the photographs and always to Lena for modeling for me.

Oh and I am trying to decide what to name the project.  I have to admit I waffle between names like  Bulky Cable Vest and Adirondack, you can check them out on my patterns pages.  Obviously with Adirondack you have no idea as to what the pattern is, but there is a story behind the name.
Some facts about the sweater:
Yarn used called Grass, cotton and hemp fiber content
Top down, circular yoke construction
Drawstring closure
Drop stitch and eyelet detail
One piece, seamless

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