Thursday, August 16, 2012

Saved by the I-cord

I often start a new design project at the start of a tennis grand slam tournament, so when the Olympics was starting I sat down and started a new project.  I finished it during the closing ceremonies, but it didn't quite look the way I expected.  I really didn't want to have to reknit the whole thing like my last project.
When I sat down to knit the night after finishing the sweater, the idea came to me to knit an I-cord, after all my new sweater had eyelets around the neckline, maybe I could do something with that?  I laced the I-cord through and it solved all the problems.
I modeled it for a couple of knit groups and they all liked the finished project (at least no one spoke up if they didn't like it).
I don't have a photo yet of the completed sweater and I am still working on writing the pattern, but here is a photo of the yoke and the eyelets.  They are almost camouflaged, but the neckline is to the right.  Finished photos will follow.

 The night after my revelation I discovered this spiderweb outside my front door.  Spiders are good luck, right?
Did you ever have a knitting project that didn't come out the way you expected?  Or should I ask how many projects have you made that didn't come out as expected?  Were you able to salvage it? them?  What was your solution?

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