Monday, May 14, 2012

Hilton Head 2012

I have been going to Hilton Head, South Carolina with a group of friends for the last few years to pursue my other passion, tennis.  We rent a condo and bikes and play tennis and lounge by the pool to our hearts' content.  Just us girls, we have no one to please but ourselves.  This year we had a slight twist; I invited my daughter to take the place of a friend who couldn't make it at the last minute.  I think some of my friends were a little skeptical, imagining what it might be like if one of their daughters came, but they accepted the switch.  She fit in great and even taught us some things like JFGI (if you don't know what that means, google it). 

Here we are with our pro who is from Spain but looks a little bit like Andre Agassi.

I got some knitting done, but not a lot.  I worked on a moebius cowl idea using a new sock yarn from Plymouth Yarn company.  It is a gorgeous blend of kid mohair, super merino and nylon.  I wouldn't normally like mohair for socks but this yarn is lucious and soft, you are going to love it.
I have been working on making my Adirondack shawl out of yarns of different weights and fibers.  I will report on that in another post.
I did visit a yarn shop in Beaufort, SC where I picked up some yarn that is locally dyed.  I am a sucker for yarn that I think is unique.  But I am sure that is not a new concept to any of you!  First of all the name of the yarn caught my eye (my daughter has a Welsh Corgi) and then the fact that it is dyed in Savannah clinched it.  Of course it is not unusual that I chose a green colorway, but you don't often see it mixed with grey (that is the rationalization working...). 
What is the most unusual yarn you have ever purchased?

Copper Corgi yarn, dyed in Savannah

 We returned home the day before Mother's Day.  I went out for a nice brunch with my mother and sisters, my twin (yes we are fraternal) is standing next to me.


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