Sunday, March 25, 2012

My head is about explode!

That is how I feel when I learn something new on the computer. 
My son has been helping me today work on my blog.  My goal is to have my patterns available for sale.  So far I have one on my home page, and I have another page for patterns, with one pattern on it.  I will have to solo this week and try to add more patterns.  Wish me luck and time.

I managed to get some photos today, in between the raindrops.  Some I can't show you (hopefully for a submission if I meet the deadline).  The other one is for the vest I have been working on for weeks.  (The idea started last summer.)  I already took what I thought were my final photos but since my model was coming today anyway I took some more photos that I think I will like better.  I still have to write up different sizes for the pattern, I am working on a new scarf or shawl design (I have to see what it turns out to be), and I finally am getting started on the ukelele bag I told my son I would design. 

Hopefully the next time I blog I will have more patterns available on my blog.
In the meantime........

PS  Somehow I have lost the list of followers while making changes to my blog.  I don't know if the followers are gone or if just the list is gone.......

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