Saturday, January 12, 2013

Following up........

My son helped me with the lighting
in this photo with my model, Lena.
In my last post I talked about updating my Reversible Houndstooth Scarf pattern.  Here are what I think are some improved photos. 
My son taking photos on the beach.
I finally went over to the beach, my first time since Sandy.  
Still finishing up my pattern for my hat.
The water was a beautiful calm blue that day.
My daughter wearing the fabric scarf I made from our trip to Mood in NYC.




The roller coaster in the water has become an iconic image of Sandy's destruction.
On our way back to Island Heights we stopped by the waterfront boardwalk and enjoyed the sunset.

Poor Wolfie (my daughter's dog) can't read.
I need a name for my new hat pattern.  Any ideas?  
Check out the Plymouth Yarn Company ad inside the cover of the Vogue Knitting Winter 2012 issue.  It is the same yarn as my hat.  Ironic, not really since I designed the sweater and I had leftover yarn.


  1. Whos that handsome professional photographer?

  2. Love the houndstooth, and the beach looks gorgeous, even when it's devastatingly gorgeous.