Saturday, March 31, 2012

One of my favorite things and what I'm listening to.

One of my favorite things..........
I received a gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe, thanks for introducing me to yet another black hole on the internet, you know who you are!  Since it was going to expire in a year I had to make sure I used it right away.  I placed an order that night, and to my delight I received my package in just a couple of days.  I ordered some Madeline Tosh, still working out a shawl design, and I also ordered some Puppy Snips.  These are one of my favorite accessories ever!  They are tiny little scissors that snap into a protective cover and come with a little chain to attach to whatever.  I keep them chained to the zipper pull of my project bag.  When I am knitting they hang off my bag and they are ready for use.  When I am not knitting I tuck them inside my project bag so they don't get lost.  And are they ever sharp!  I had to order another pair for myself, just because, and some extra Snips for my friends.  Oh, and they look like a puppy dog.

What I listened to this week.........
I love to listen to podcasts and Brenda Dayne of the Cast On Podcast is one of the originals.  She has a soothing voice and a well put together show.  I usually stay away from controversial subjects such as politics and religion but I did want to share her recent episode about knitting VJJs and sending them to your US Congressman.  There is a whole movement out there, even a Ravelry group.  For me, there is just something intriguing about knitting body parts.  (Last year at Vogue Live there was a knitted heart by an artist who also knitted a skeleton.)

I finally decided to try listening to a new podcast, new to me anyway.  I had heard about it for awhile, but a podcast named Fiber Beat I assumed would be a lot about spinning and I am just not interested.  Boy was I wrong.  In his first show he interviewed Meg Swansen,  yes, the Meg Swansen, (daughter to Elizabeth Zimmerman).  He has a very well produced show, a little campy at times and I do love the  music inserts, some very old and some current.  I've only listened to 3 shows so far, but I'm hooked.

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